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Donate Your Car

There may be times that arise when donating your car is the perfect option. There are many reasons to consider donating your car to a credible service or organization. This is mutually beneficial for you and the company and person that may receive it. There are various scenarios that these services can handle to get that unwanted vehicle off your hands. For those in the greater New York area, NY City Towing Services is a great selection to handle the donation of your car. We pride ourselves with being of the highest level of professionalism and competency.

Why Donate Your Car

Donating your car is a great idea and doesn’t only benefit you, but can help someone in need. Many times unused or unwanted cars simply get in the way. They can take up needed garage space or crowd the yard. Multiple unused cars in the yard can be an eye sore and take away from the appearance of your property. Too many cars in the yard can give the appearance of a junk yard. Donating your car will free up that space and make your home look immaculate. There are great tax benefits with donating your vehicle as well. The IRS gives generous deductions for charitable donations. Donating a vehicle gives significant savings over simply donating clothes and such and could possibly result in thousands of dollars in tax credit. This can improve your bottom line just as much as outright selling the vehicle with much less hassle. Another incentive to donate the vehicle is helping someone in need that may require a vehicle to work or support their family. This promotes good karma and the peace of mind knowing that you’re helping your community.

What Happens To Your Donated Car

When you use the services of NY City Towing Services, we’ll come to you and remove the vehicle from your property for no charge. The vehicle can be in any condition as we have the means to transport it, regardless if it’s running or not. Our drivers are customer service oriented and fully licensed and insured. Once contacted, we’ll promptly arrive and we are experts in serving the New York City area. Many times when the car is donated the car is auctioned and a receipt is used for tax purposes. Other times, it is necessary to estimate the fair market value of the vehicle for taxes.

It is an excellent time to choose to donate your vehicle to NY City Towing Services. You can reap the benefits of donating your car anytime of the year, but will see tax savings sooner the closer to the end of the year that you donate. NY City Towing Services is a highly respected and reputable company that also performs various other towing services; so it’s great to become familiar with us incase you need us in the future for something else. If you have an unwanted vehicle on your property, don’t waste anytime and contact us at (646) 460-2444. You’ll be glad you did and we hope to hear from you soon.

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