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Car Lockout

A car lockout can happen to anyone. Many of us have climbed from the car leaving the keys in the ignition before locking the car with the button on the driver’s door. When this happens, we at NY City Towing Services can assist you. 

Our friendly, professional drivers will soon put you at your ease and assist in any type of emergency. They will arrive in an easily recognizable vehicle. A breakdown or being involved in a traffic accident is an upsetting situation. By calling us at (646) 460-2444, you know we will soon arrive to assist you and that you are in safe hands.

1. Many drivers have never changed a flat tire; this is where our services become invaluable. 
2. Have you ever miscalculated the gas in your tank and your car suddenly rolls to a stop? Have no fear; one of our     trusted drivers will soon be there to refuel you.
3. We can remove an abandoned car blocking your driveway, thus enabling you not to miss a day off work.
4. No engine turn-over when you need to get home? Our ignition or repair service is only a quick phone call away.
5. A flat battery causes frustration, but our jump start team will soon get your vehicle back on the road.
6. Nothing is worse than a traffic accident. Our 24/7 towing service allows you to be taken home, to a dealership or your     mechanic’s workshop.
7. Heavy duty machinery can have problems, too. We at NY City Towing Services or one of our Partners will tow the     defective vehicle from the construction site.

We offer a multitude of professional services for car, boat or motorcycle owners. Not only do we provide towing services, but we also offer:
• Flat Tire Change.
• 24/7 Emergency Towing.
• Battery Jump Start.
• Fuel Delivery.
• Ignition Service or Repair.
• Auto Recovery and Roadside Assistance.
• Car Lockout.
• Motorcycle Towing.
• Long Distance Towing.
• Blocked Driveway Towing.
• Heavy Duty Towing.
• Boat and On-Water Towing supervised by experts.

From the moment you call us, we will quickly pinpoint your position, confirm which service you require and quote an accurate estimate. As soon as we determine your problem, we contact a driver or a Partner before furnishing you with an estimated time of arrival. Many roadside assistance insurances have restrictions on the type of vehicle they cover, not us. We service all models and makes of cars, motorcycles and trailers and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We serve all New York City boroughs, Long island and even bridge the Hudson River to serve New Jersey Hudson County. Our comprehensive service in the New York City Metropolitan area means that wherever you are and need help, we are close enough to assist you in your time of need.

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